Over-the-Hill Beer Labels

Over-the-hill Beer Labels

Personal Project: Beer Bottle Relabeling

My brother just turned 40 so I made him some over-the-hill OLD-inspired labels to replace the real ones on a few fairly nice brews I picked up for him. I didn’t feel like wasting money on a gag gift, but wanted to get him at least a little something to remind him how old he is getting. I started with a Google search and found plenty of source material. A few minutes in Photoshop on each one replacing and adding text where appropriate and the final result turned out fantastic. I removed the original beer labels by soaking them in water for about 10-15 minutes and then peeling them off. To attach the new beer labels I used some double-sided tape which worked perfectly to keep them nice and smooth on the bottle. This was a real easy way to add a personal touch to gift. I’m thinking about doing this for more people as the holiday season approaches.

Check them all out here.

And the final result:

Philadelphia Eagles Kickoff iPhone Wallpaper

Philadelphia Eagles Wallpaper

Are you ready for some football?

I am. I am ready for the Philadelphia Eagles to get this season started. Some say this is the most important season in team history. I say it’s just as important as any other. Expectations are always high here in Philly. This year is no exception. In order to get everyone as excited as I am – why not download some Philadelphia Eagles iPhone 4/4s lock screen and home screen images and show everyone how you feel about Da’ Birds? The lock screen features the Eagles logo and the home screen is simply Eagles green so that you can still clearly see your app icons. Make sure you download both images separately and get your Settings straight.

In the meantime, enjoy this:


Download Philadelphia Eagles iPhone Wallpapers

Work in Progress: Logo Development

Siousca Branding Logo Development

Siousca Photography Branding Sketches

I’ve been working on some branding for an awesome photographer and good friend of mine Dave Waddell of Siousca Photography. I thought I’d share a quick sneak peek of the research and progress so far from my trusty Moleskine. You can see some inspiration on the left, the original logo on the top of the right hand page and a bunch of concepts following that. Siousca is the Native American term for the land around the Brandywine river which is where Dave grew up. So there is definitely a bend towards that.

Hopefully, I’ll be wrapping this up soon, as I know Dave is patiently waiting. I’ll be sure to post some more on this one as it has been a blast to work on. In the meantime, if you need a photographer for weddings, engagements or family photos, check Dave out.

Birthday Doodle from Google

Birthday Doodle from Google

Happy Birthday Doodle from Google

Well, today is my birthday. And doesn’t Google know it. To some people it may seem scary that someone, or some thing knows so much about you. But this little Google Doodle for MY birthday is such a nice little touch, I don’t think anybody would mind seeing this.

It’s All in the Details

The birthday doodle is really cool, but what seals the deal for me is the Alt Text. Hover over the doodle and it says “Happy Birthday Kevin!” I know it’s a minor detail, an aside, something that not everyone will even notice. But it shows us two things:

  1. Google is focused on the details of all of their projects, right down to the final execution.
  2. The people who coded this little doodle know that there are just a handful of people who WILL notice the Alt Text and that those people (myself included) will really appreciate it. It takes extra time, extra effort, but it was able to float up the chain for someone to say yes. And it made it in.

Thank you, Googlers!

St. Patrick’s Day Desktop Wallpaper

St. Patrick's Day Desktop

Download FREE Irish Wallpaper

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! Here is a free desktop wall paper I designed just for today. Feel free to use it for whatever you wish. It’s large enough, (1920×1200) for bigger monitors but should still look decent on smaller sizes since all of the main content is relatively small and centered.

Download 1920×200 .jpg

If you want to know more about the resources I used, here goes: