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I’m a freelance professional graphic designerart director and copywriter looking for the next big thing. Over the past few years, I’ve been busy making things look good. Now I’m concentrating on making them look good and mean something. I’m bringing ideas to life through words and pictures to create smart, funny and interesting advertising that makes people feel good.

Currently, I’m blogging about design, web, marketing and business while growing the communications and design firm jellyFace. While you’re here, you can see some of the Work I’ve Done, learn a little bit More About Me or Read my Blog.

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Over-the-Hill Beer Labels

Over-the-hill Beer Labels

Personal Project: Beer Bottle Relabeling

My brother just turned 40 so I made him some over-the-hill OLD-inspired labels to replace the real ones on a few fairly nice brews I picked up for him. I didn’t feel like wasting money on a gag gift, but wanted to get him at least a little something to remind him how old he is getting. I started with a Google search and found plenty of source material. A few minutes in Photoshop on each one …