St. Patrick’s Day Desktop Wallpaper

St. Patrick's Day Desktop

Download FREE Irish Wallpaper

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! Here is a free desktop wall paper I designed just for today. Feel free to use it for whatever you wish. It’s large enough, (1920×1200) for bigger monitors but should still look decent on smaller sizes since all of the main content is relatively small and centered.

Download 1920×200 .jpg

If you want to know more about the resources I used, here goes:


Budweiser: Grab Some Hype

Budweiser Grab Some Buds

New TV Commercial Sells Anticipation of Baseball, Music and Sex

I’m not much of a Budweiser guy, not at all actually. But their new commercial has really caught my attention. In the 60 second version of the spot they show glimpses, or vignettes, of people getting ready for something. The scenes range from a guy barbecuing in his yard, people getting ready for a baseball game, a band gearing up for a concert and my favorite, a woman getting ready to go to work. The art direction here is spectacular. The music (You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos) has that driving baseline and building anticipation of preparing. And that is what Budweiser is really selling here, the promise of, or  the hope of, an awesome time. Whether you’re getting ready for the party, the game, the concert , the date or all of the above – what you’re excited most about is what could happen. And Bud captures that here perfectly:

Budweiser – Grab Some Buds

I guess the tie that binds everything together here is the beer. Budweiser would like you to believe that it is responsible for making all the magic happen. That’s advertising for ya!

Sharefest: a Gift from Seth Godin

The Mesh, Why the Future of Business is Sharing by Lisa Gansky

Seth Godin likes to share. He has written books, he has a blog, he has written books about his blog. I like to read what Seth shares and I believe what Seth shares.

I also like to get mail. In the mail box. It feels good, and I know that if someone spent the time to send me something then it must be worth sharing with someone else. Well, I got a book in the mail today and it was from Seth Godin. The Mesh is a book about sharing and how businesses would be smart to get on the bus and spread the love before it’s too late.

I really love this concept. Everyone involved in this Sharefest is a winner: I get a free book, Lisa gets Word of Mouth, and Seth looks like a hero. Yet none of it is cheap or phony, it’s authentic and real. And it’s appreciated so, …

Thank you, Seth. Thank you, Lisa. Here is my part of the sharing:

Buy the ‘The Mesh’ by Lisa Gansky

All You Need is… BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

Study Your PlayBook

I’ve talked about BlackBerry before with there ‘All You Need is Love’ commercials here and here. And it seems they haven’t strayed too far from course when introducing their brand new tablet the BlackBerry PlayBook. Although not as obvious this time around, the BlackBerry PlayBook Preview does a nice job tying this one into the old campaign in a very subtle way. The song in the video is Where I’m Going by Cut Copy and the lyrics start off with “All you need is a dream and a lover to”. At first I thought it was just another bad cover of the Beetles, but it is actually a great tune for this spot.

Enterprise Ready Tablet

The PlayBook is self described as amplified, multitasking, business-driving, flash-loving, App-rocking and device-pairing. Introducing the first multiprocessing, multitasking, uncompromised browsing, enterprise ready, professional tablet. At a much smaller size than the iPad, it is clearly aimed at getting in the business landscape capitalizing on its enterprise ready out-of-the-box capability. I don’t think it will give Apple serious competition but it is nice to see some viable competitors out there.

What do you think?

Can’t wait to see this when it comes out and how much it will cost!

Why I Love the Internet

Ebay + Youtube = Awe$ome

Google + eBay + YouTube = AWE$OME $AVING$

A few weeks ago, my Kenmore washing machine started giving us problems.  It would wash and rinse like normal, but at the end of the cycle the clothes were soaking wet. I got by a few days by reaching in and spinning the basket by hand just to get it started. But soon enough, there was nothing I could do to get that washer to spin.  What was I to do?

Enter Google

Some quick keyword searching “kenmore washer won’t spin” lead me to this brilliant post: Sears Kenmore Washing Machine Repair. Phenomenal. Someone had the same problem as me and all they wanted to do was share it with the world.  Fine by me, he posted step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on how to replace a motor coupling. The most common reason for my ailment. But of course that wasn’t my problem, the motor coupler was fine.

Sergey’s Law

Search long enough and smart enough on Google and you WILL find what you need. Google has all the answers… they don’t call it Sergey’s Law for nothing.

So through Google I found out that probably I had to replace the clutch on the washer. A few more clicks and I had a replacement piece for under $20 on eBay and a video installation guide from YouTube.  It can’t get much easier than that.


I am not a home appliance, small-motor or machine repairman. But after some time on the internet I certainly feel like it. I imagine I saved myself anywhere from $150-$500 repairing this myself. My point is that if you know what to search for, if you know that other people have had the same problem or situation and if you know there is a reasonable answer, you will find it through online search and the powers of the internet.

And when I have something worthwhile to report, you can be sure I’ll be sharing it online because… I LOVE THE INTERNET.

Agency or Band? (via Fast Company)

Zero 7

Ultimate Designer’s Quiz

Fast Company is a great magazine. I’ve had a subscription for the last few years and I can say that it is a great resource for anyone who is in business for themselves; whether it’s for design or not. Accordingly, Fast Company is a magazine that has “a unique focus on the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace”. (Fast Company – About) I highly recommend it as a “must-have” magazine subscription.

In the April 2010 issue, Tina Dupuy authored a great little quiz Ad Agency or Indie Band? She says advertising creatives fancy themselves rock stars and although I don’t disagree with her I have to admit, I didn’t do very well when put to the test. Both creatives and bands, she says, use similar techniques when naming themselves.The challenge here is to distinguish top creative agencies with up and coming indie bands.

Ad Agency or Indie Band Quiz Resource Guide

After taking the quiz myself, I wound up Googling (yes, it’s a word) every agency and band to see what their sites were like, check out their work and tune into some new music.  Aside from naming, there is one thing the two groups have in common and that’s an appreciation of a well designed website. Here are my results:

*** Spoiler Alert: If you didn’t take the quiz yet, you’re about to find out the answers. ***


White Rabbits
Black Lips
Ra Ra Riot
Big Business
Apostle of Hustle
Black Math Horsemen
Six Finger Satellite
The Mars Volta
7 Worlds Collide
Spiral Stairs
The Crayon Fields
Sleepy Sun
Amadou & Mariam
Florence and the Machine
Noah and the Whale
Zero 7
City Center
Volcano Suns
Red Red Meat
Gift of Gab


Juniper Park
Big Spaceship
Victors and Spoils
Ground Zero